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Gravion [TV]

Plot Summary

When mankind faces an alien force with technology light years ahead of its own, it may take a man obsessed with the past to save the Earth. The fate of humanity rests on whether the eccentric billionaire Sandman can build a machine as great as the myths of old. His creation is a god for the modern age, a deity forged of circuits and steel – it is Gravion!

Only a young band of orphaned misfits are born with the ability to pilot this top-secret weapon. All life on the planet depends on how well they can fight the Zeravire – if they can only stop fighting amongst themselves!

About the Show

Gravion is a mecha adventure anime series written by Fumihiko Shimo. Produced by studio Gonzo, the series aired a total of 13 episodes between October 7, 2002 and December 16, 2002.

Season Summary

Episode 1: The Fortress of the Deity
Eiji Shigure sneaks into Klein Sandman’s castle looking for his sister Ayaka. However, his disguise is compromised and is chased into the castle’s depths. There, he discovers a giant robot, and meets Toga Tenkuji. Later, Sandman announces that the Earth is under attack by aliens. Sandman’s units immediately launch a counterattack, taking Eiji with it. Gran Kaiser and the Grand Divas combine and becomes the God Gravion to fight against the Zeravire invasion.

Episode 2: Mission of Gravity
Gravion engages against the Zeravire, but is in a tight battle. In an attempt to assist Gravion, the navy fires its particle projection cannon but proved to be ineffective against their enemy. Gravion is then smashed into its constituent pieces and Gran Kaiser sinks into the ocean, taking Toga with it. At the castle, Sandman convinces Eiji to pilot the G-Attacker. Later, the Zeravire returns in a stronger form. With the Graviton Pressure Punch and Graviton Arc, Gravion finally manages to defeat the Zeravire.

Episode 3: Labyrinth
The world leaders express their frustration on how Sandman refuses to let them help fight against the alien invasion. Raven retorts that they are inexperienced, and they must trust Gravion with future battles. Later, a Zeravire returns to Earth. It has become stronger, and is already immune to the Graviton Arc. Gravion defeats the Zeravire with its new weapon, the Graviton Sword.

Episode 4: The Princess in the Tower
While training to improve their battle prowess, Sandman’s underlings are disturbed by a ghastly apparition. Believing that it is his sister, Eiji decides to hunt the ghost. Toga explains to him how Sandman is very secretive, and that there are many restricted areas in the castle. They manage to catch up with the ghost, but it appears that it is not Eiji’s sister, but a woman named Leele. Later, the Zeravire returns yet again, stronger. The navy attempts to provide assistance, however all efforts are ineffective. Gravion is losing, and has sustained high damage. Leele suggests that they use Gravity Cresent, which finally defeats the Zeravire. Sandman then formally introduces Leele to his pilots.

Episode 5: The Girl Who Won’t Laugh
Earth’s government officials conduct investigations in order to know more about the enemy. They discover that the Zeravire is composed of a matter both living and metal. Meanwhile, the pilots decide to spend time outdoors, in order to improve their relations with Leele. Later, the Zeravire returns and burns down a chemical plant around the Gravion. With help from Luna, Leele overcomes her fear and defeats the Zeravire with a fusion of Gravity Cresent and Gravity Pressure Punch.

Episode 6: Toga’s Day Off
Eiji and Toga sneak out from the castle to spend time in the city. However, Toga gets separated from Eiji. Meanwhile, Eiji discovers that the Earth Federation is falsely claiming ownership of the Gravion. Later, four Zeravire fuse into one and engages the Gravion in battle.

Episode 7: Drill Girl of the Beach
The pilots are sent to the beach to enjoy themselves, under orders from Sandman. Meanwhile at the International Peace Center, the world leaders are having further discussions about the Zeravire threat. The Zeravire appears, but comes from underground this time. Gravion finds it difficult to catch the Zeravire at first. Luna, despite lacking practice, performs the Graviton Tornado Punch, and destroys the Zeravire.

Episode 8: Super Heavy Battlefield
Gravion is in a battle against a Zeravire. Despite having defeated it, the Gravion falls apart, and the pilots get into a disagreement. Meanwhile, a Zeravire attacks from within the castle, and almost kills Toga if not for Mizuki. Eiji is then ordered by Sandman to fight against the Zeravire alone while piloting the Gran Kaiser. With help from Toga, Eiji manages to unlock Gran Kaiser’s potential, but he sustains injuries after the fight.

Episode 9: A Distant Embrace
Eiji recovers from the injuries he sustained from his previous fight. Mizuki takes him to the West tower and tells him about his sister, as she was her best friend. They then discover a mysterious monument which had the ability to manipulate gravity, just like Gravion. Later, Sandman orders that the Gravion be modified so that it can operated without pilots.

Episode 10: Crack
While the pilots are out in the city shopping, the Zeravire appear to attack. The enemy is emitting theta rays, and win thirty minutes will destroy everything within a hundred-kilometer radius. Mizuki then arrives with the Gravion. Moments before the Zeravire could release the radiation, Gravion manages to defeat it with Gravity Cresent. Eiji announces that he is going to quit, after being frustrated at Toga’s decisions.

Episode 11: The Thing Which Was Lost
Eiji returns to his apartment, while Toga regrets the fact that Eiji quit because of him. Leele then attempts to convince Eiji to return, as Toga has been unstable. Later, the Zeravire once again enters the Earth’s atmosphere. Leele realizes that the Gran Phantom System is not enough to fight against their enemy.

Episode 12: Because You’re with Me
Gravion is still in a battle against the Zeravire, but is losing. A jamming signal prevents the Gran Knights to being summoned. To make matters worse, the Graviton sword is destroyed. The Gravion then plummets back into Earth, after a successful attack from the Zeravire. Sandman orders his pilots not to recombine, but split forces instead. Later, Eiji decides to return and fight.

Episode 13: White Steel Fang
The Zeravire receives an order to obliterate all human life, and to let nothing stop them. They are improving faster to overcome their greatest obstacle, Gravion. Meanwhile, the Earth Federation reveals its new weapon, a giant robot called White Steel Fang. After receiving a new weapon called the Graviton Breaker, Sandman dispatches Gravion into battle, together with the White Steel Fang.

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