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Patlabor The Movie 3 WXIII [Movie]

Patlabor The Movie 3 WXIII
Plot Summary

When several deadly Labor accidents suddenly strike Tokyo Bay, veteran police detective, Kusumi, and his young partner, Hata, take on the case, Each detective applies his own style of investigation, but neither is prepared for the international labyrinth of deceit that is about to unfold.
Hata’s new girlfriend, a genetic research scientist, hides a secret that the detectives need and Kasumi vows to unravel. Soon, the investigators are entangled in a world of government cover-ups, military conspiracy and personal tragedy. As the investigation heightens, the detectives encouter an unexpected enemy – the ravenous biological weapon WXIII: Wasted Thirteen.
To stop the beast’s rampage, Kasumi and Hata must work with the military to lure the monster into a brutal showdown with the Patlabors of Special Vehicle Unit 2!

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