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Tower of God [Manga]

Tower of God
Plot Summary

Korean webtoon. 25th Baam, a young boy living in a lonely underground world, is all alone, with not even knowing what sunlight, darkness, even what good and evil, or what life and death is, suddenly is gifted with a friend. A girl falls from a crack in the dirt ceiling, which closes as if it never happened, and together they build a complex friendship. The girl’s name is Rachel, and she tells Baam about her world and all its wonders… and about the Tower of God, the place she wishes to find, seeking to climb to the top. The legend goes, if you can reach the top of tower, you will be granted one wish, whatever it is. Any wish is possible with the power of God. The day comes, a few years later, when Rachel can’t stay any longer, and goes off to find a way to open the gate into the tower. Baam, not wanting to lose his only friend in the world, chases and catches Rachel, just as the gate opens and accepts her into the tower… And Baam as well. The Tower isn’t all it seems, as ‘climbing’ it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Adventure is one thing, sure, but only if you can escape impending death and the challenges that come with each floor on the way up the tower. Will Baam find Rachel? Will he even make it past the ground floor, as he faces a giant monster in a game of take-away, to see if he is worthy of climbing the tower? Where is Rachel? And how will either of them hope to climb the tower alone, especially when so many other people are gunning for the top with their own wish in mind, and no one seems to mind stabbing someone else in the back to reach it?

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This manga has some serious super power battles with an awesome story! Does anyone else think Bam can take on Goku or All Might once he climbs the tower?
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