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Key the Metal Idol [TV]

Key the Metal Idol
Plot Summary

Will you be one of Key’s 30,000 friends? Key is a robot who has been living with normal people all her life. But when Key’s Grandfather mysteriously dies, Key is left with a tape recording saying that if she can make 30,000 friends she will become human. Key believes her Grandfather and travels to Tokyo. With her pale skin, her large glazed eyes and without even the ability to smile, it doesn’t look as if Key will be able to accomplish her goal. However, she does have one friend from Junior High in Tokyo. After accidentally running into each other, Sakura, Key’s friend, takes her into her home.

As hard as it will be to make 29,999 more friends, Key, Sakura, and their friend (Guess that makes it 29,998 now) Shuichi are brought into the mystery surrounding Key’s Grandfather’s death and the many other mysteries spanning from that. What are those huge robots and why do they go berserk around Key? What’s the story behind the popular idol singer, Miho? While Key has made two friends, she has come to a city with many questions and the only people who hold the answers are her enemies.

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