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Loveless [TV]

Plot Summary

Ritsuka Aoyagi, a young boy suffering from amnesia, is approached by a stranger who claimed to know his brother Seimei before he was mysteriously murdered two years ago.

After accessing Seimei’s laptop, Ritsuka discovers that his brother and the stranger – Soubi Agatsuma – were once fighting pairs involved in spell battles. Now with his brother gone, Ritsuka has inherited Soubi as his fighting unit, and together they must find the truth behind The Seven Moons and Seimei’s murder.

About the Show

Loveless is an anime adaptation of the fantasy-romance manga series written by Yun Kouga under the same name. Produced by J.C. Staff, the anime series aired a total of 12 episodes between April 7, 2005 and June 30, 2005. The show’s art and story — especially how the relationship between its main protagonists got handled – was received quite well by viewers.


Ritsuka Aoyagi
Ritsuka is a young 12-year-old boy, and is the main protagonist of the series. Despite his young age, he is acts surprisingly more mature, except when it comes to sexual relationships. He was abused by his mother during his childhood, resulting in his complicated and conflicting behavior.

Soubi Agatsuma
Soubi Agatsuma is a 20-year-old art student, and was Seimei’s former partner. He previously attended the Seven Moons Academy, where he was thought by Ritsu. It was Ritsu who was responsible for the loss of Soubi’s ears. However, it was not specified if the act was consensual or otherwise. He later then becomes Seimei’s fighter unit, after the latter carved a name on his neck. After Seimei’s death, he was tasked to contact Ritsuka.

Season Summary

Episode 1: Breathless
Shortly after the mysterious death of his brother, Aoyagi Ritsuka is approached by Soubi Agatsuma, who claims to be his brother’s close friend. Ritsuka’s shock and confusion only worsened after the stranger who he just met confesses love to him. Before he could think and react, two children – the Breathless pair – attacks them on the spot. Despite singlehandedly doing so, Soubi easily fends off their attackers. Afterwards, Soubi reveals to Ritsuka that his “true name” is Loveless, prompting the latter to remember that his brother also told him his real name, Breathless, before his tragic death.

Episode 2: Memoryless
After inputting his “true name” into a password protected file, Ritsuka discovers more about his brother Seimei. There, he finds several pictures of him with his brother, and a letter. It is revealed that Soubi and Seimei were a fighting duo, much like the Breathless pair that attacked them earlier. Seimei acted as the sacrifice, while Soubi was the fighter. Now that Seimei is dead, it is up to Ritsuka to take his brother’s place as the sacrifice.

Episode 3: Bondless
Ritsuka asks Soubi to tell him everything he knows about the Seven Moons, the organization responsible for his brother’s murder. Soubi refuses to reveal anything, except that Seimei ordered him to become Ritsuka’s fighter, and that he did not expect to fall in love with him. Ritsuka admits that he too has been thinking about Soubi, and often ponders about love’s meaning.

Episode 4: Friendless
Yuiko, Ritsuka’s classmate, prepares strawberry jam for him. However, her classmates tease and bully her, and the strawberry jam she made ends up falling out the window. Ritsuka arrives shortly after, and defends Yuiko. Later, the Breathless pair meet Ritsuka and advise him to split with Soubi, though revealing nothing about his brother Seimei.

Episode 5: Sleepless
Ritsuka and Soubi are attacked by the Sleepless pair who were sent by the Septimal Moon. After defeating them, Soubi obtains a letter which supposedly had information about Seimei’s death. Furthermore, they learn that Seimei was from Septimal Moon Fighter school, and that he was its top student.

Episode 6: Painless
Ritsuka’s teacher falls into trouble after she encounters the Zero pair. Luckily, Soubi arrives to save her, but the Zero pair engages him in battle. With Ritsuka absent, Soubi’s power is greatly weakened, and he is cornered to a dangerous situation.

Episode 7: Tearless
Despite the odds, Soubi manages to defeat the Zero pair by creating a snowstorm. Ritsuka rushes outside after realizing that Soubi is badly hurt. After recovering from his wounds, Soubi returns to fight the Zero pair, as he promised Seimei that he will finish whatever he has started.

Episode 8: Trustless
Soubi is attacked by another Zero pair sent by the Septimal Moon. He refuses to fight back, as Ritsuka ordered him not to if he is not by his side. Ritsuka tries to find Soubi, after his calls were not answered. He later finds him severely wounded near a river.

Episode 9: Skinless
Ritsuka takes Soubi home to recover. From the first Zero pair, Ritsuka learns that Seimei and Soubi’s power as pairs was legendary. Furthermore, he learns that Soubi is not his true pair, and that somewhere, another Loveless exists. The second pair of Zero pair arrives, surprising the first pair after the fact that another Zero pair exists.

Episode 10: Nameless
Ritsuka learns more about the Zeros. He discovers that they are real humans, but the pain receptors in their brains were blocked. Later that evening, Ritsuka and Soubi fight against the aggressive Zero pair, and easily defeats them. However, Ritsuka restricts Soubi from delivering the final blow. The Zero pair decide to end being Fighter and Sacrifice, and choose to continue their lives by loving one another.

Episode 11: Warless
A comedic episode where Ritsuka goes to a seaside fair together with Yuiko, and Soubi secretly following them.

Episode 12: Endless
Ritsuka and Yuiko visit Yayoi’s house to play videogames. There, Ritsuka discovers that the letter he received from The Seven Moons referred to a location inside an online game. After hours of playing, Ritsuka finally arrives at the said location, but he was drugged and put to sleep. In his dream, Yayoi, Yuiko, and Ritsuka’s mom and teacher are brutally murdered. Soubi appears before him, and reveals that he was under orders and is responsible for the killings. Ritsuka wakes up and breaks the spell, and immediately searches for Soubi. A figure hiding behind the trees nearby, who was hinted to be Seimei himself, wonders if Ritsuka will survive the ordeals destined to befall a Loveless.

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Feb 16, 18 at 9:20am
I really like the Anime and even more the Manga. If only it was like this in real life, having a bond to someone given by fate.
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