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Avenger [TV]

Plot Summary

Red wasteland. Deteriorating dome cities. A grotesque moon that oppresses the land. Welcome to the twilight of mankind…

It is an era when most people have moved from the outside world into isolated domes, and limited provisions are rationed because of the wars between each dome city and their representative fighters.

As substitutes for the children that aren’t being born, pet androids called “dolls” are in distribution.

The era is controlled through power and will by Volk, the invincible warrior, and Westa, the goddess who grants peace to everyone’s soul.

As time stands still, mankind walks along a path to a slow destruction, taking the Earth with it.

When the two girls Leila and Nei go out into the world, wandering the fierce storm, the curtain opens on the revenge of the beautiful Barbaroy, Leila Ashley, and a new era is about to begin.

  • description & translation for AnimeNfo by Risa and Riku Harada *
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