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Alien from the Darkness [OVA]

Inju Alien
Alien from the Darkness
Plot Summary

After researching the newly found minerals on the planet Kerun, the all woman crew of the space ship Muze finds the cargo ship Zogne drifting in space. They board the Zogne only to find naked corpses everywhere with no apparent cause of death. But each victim is marked by a bruise on her stomach and is covered by a green liquid.

The sole survivor is the beautiful Flair, who on awakening has no memory of the other crew members’ deaths. In addition, further investigation reveals that the Zogne is carrying the highly illegal drug known as Metrogia.

Soon, the sexual activity on the Muze begins to heighten and the crew starts to lose its sanity. They begin to die in the same fashion as the crewmembers of the Zogne.

Hikari, computer analyst on the Muze, is the only person who can find the cause for these strange deaths by analyzing the computer records of the Zogne. Will she have enough time to discover the reason for the crewmembers’ deaths?

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