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Gundam X [TV]

After War Kido Shin Seiki Mobile New Century
Plot Summary

Gundam X is the story of the survivors of the Seventh Space War who try to eke out a living within the ruins of their civilization. “Vultures”, scavengers of war material and ruined cities, roam the wasted Earth. Unknown to all, the leaders of the warring factions plot to regain their lost glory and using enhanced humans, “Newtypes”, they search to dominate the world. In opposition to this, Jamil Neate, hero of the war and former pilot of the monstrous Gundam X; the plucky teen Garrod Ran; and Newtype girl Tiffa Adil aim to find a way to save the human race from another apocalypse.

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The story was ok. Again, I just love gundam figures.......
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