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Romeo x Juliet [TV]

Romeo x Juliet
Plot Summary

In the fantastical aeropolis of Neo Verona, the noble house of Capulet had ruled peacefully for generations – until fourteen year ago, when the ancient grudge held by the rival house of Montague led to a mutiny, and the Capulets were deposed and all but wiped out in a bloody coup. Now, as Neo Verona suffers under the thrall of its new masters, the fates of two star cross’d lovers are about to become tragically entwined…

This new interpretation of Shakespeare’s timeless classic sets the doomed love of the Montague and Capulet heirs, Romeo and Juliet, against a dramatically charged political background in a rich fantasy world.

Taking its inspiration from the original text of the play, Romeo x Juliet bravely re-imagines many of the key characters and events – casting Juliet as a revolutionary leader who, as the last surviving Capulet, is expected to revive the house of Capulet and bring down their foes, the Montagues – even if it means living her childhood as a boy. Romeo, meanwhile, is the disaffected heir of the Montagues, son of the tyrannical leader of the house whose sole focus is on uncovering the secrets of the Floating Tree which lies at the heart of Neo Verona…

As the citizens of the city suffer, the Capulet clan struggles to strike a blow against their enemies, and the Montagues tighten their grasp on power, an unlikely love blossoms between Romeo and Juliet – but in the face of such adversity, this ill-fated love may be doomed from the outset. Can any force in Neo Verona be more powerful than the inexorable pull of destiny…?

Triumph or tragedy; only fate knows what awaits Romeo and Juliet…

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