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Mai-Otome [TV]

Plot Summary

Arika Yumemiya ventured a lot of place in search of her true purpose: the prominent Gualderobe Academy. This school is known to train young girls to become Otomes, guardians of noble leaders throughout the lands. Arika made plenty of friends and allies, but a there’s a setback because some of the enemies knows some of Yumemiya’s history. Despite of those disadvantages her resolve will never falter.

About the show

Adapted from Mai-HiME its predecessor, this is not a direct sequel to Mai-HIME, but an alternate universe setting featuring some of the Mai-HiME cast (though with different personalities).

Season Summary

Episode 1: “Dreamy ☆ Arika”/ “Yume no ☆ Arika”
Young Arika Yumemiya travels to the Kingdom of Wind bloom searching for her mother to ask for guidance to become an Otome. She met Nina a student from Garderobe, the rebellious princess Mashiro and Nina’s foster father Sergay. A salve monster attacks Arika, Nina and Mashiro, they had a hard time defeating it but Meister Otome Shizuru Viola easily get rids of it, Arika was inspired by the heroic deed of Meister Otome Shizuru.

Episode 2: “A Gust Running Through the Garden of Otome”
Deeply inspired after witnessing Shizuru’s power, Arika is even more determined to become a real Otome and attend the school of Garderobe. Sneaking out of the infirmary and evading the students pursuing her, she arrived at the room of the otome council where they are discussing the incident past incident and Nina’s judgement for her negligence, as Arika proclaims her intent to join.

Episode 3: “First T-i-m-e”
To redeem qualification to enter the Otome school of Garderobe, unexperienced Our hero Arika must face her friend Nina in an exhibition battle during the coronation ritual of Mashiro, knowing that if she defeats her, Nina will be expelled. Nina has the advantage in the match, but an enigmatic knight invaded during the ceremony, and Arika catches a falling airplane, holding it long enough for Brigadier General Haruka Armitage, a Meister Otome, to throw it to safety.

Episode 4: “The Blazing Transfer Student”
After a safe result to the crisis of the previous episode, Arika has been accepted to Garderobe and our hero will learn new things on being a great Otome. She met some new friends as well as some new enemies.

Episode 5: “The Academy, the Uniform and Me”
Arika’s student life was put in peril when she sold her uniform to a store, as she is in need of money to participate. To convince them that she didn’t sell the uniform, Arika trusted her new friends to reveal the true culprit, and the clues appears only lead to Mashiro’s cat Mikoto. Arika didn’t know that a fellow student stole the uniform in order to try to disrupt her. After the issue, an unknown individual who knew Arika’s mother starts sending her money and letters.

Episode 6: “Nina Entangled… Orz”
An Upperclassman named Shiho got jealous towards Nina and it reaches a fatal level, as she decides to corrupt the school’s swimming pool during the sports class by putting a GelleAnguille inside it. After that Nina almost got drowned, they attempted to reveal it with salt, but because someone exchanged the label of sugar and salt, it ended up expanding. Pearl student Juliet Nao Zhang arrived, and after the crisis, Arika becomes her room attendant alongside Nina.

Episode 7: “The Blue dance/Oath of the Maiden”
While our hero Arika is lending a hand in the reconstruction of the royal palace, Arika heard rumors about Mashiro. Arika and Mashiro found an enigmatic technology beneath the royal palace, which destroyed Arika’s Coral GEM. A slave monster attacked them, Arika and Mashiro quickly made a contract, and Arika was successful in defeating the Slave with help of the Blue Sky Sapphire’s Power.

Episode 8: “Burden of Destiny”
Arika now is concerned with finding a way to nullify her contract, while not telling anyone about it. To learn and discover more, Arika and her friends entered the Mausoleum of Garderobe. They discovered that Otomes offer absolute loyalty to their masters, even if they have to fight their own friends. Arika, notwithstanding it finds a new way to change it.

Episode 9: “The Ocean – Swimsuit + Disaster =?”
As required in Otome Training, Arika’s Coral class began a 100 km hiking trip through Aries. At random they were paired, the students enter into the wilderness, things didn’t go too well for Arika and her partner Erstin. A snake had bitten Erstin, and the nanomachines within her fail, and the bracelets used to call for help got broken. An enigmatic character attacks Arika.

Episode 10: “A serious Otome Matter”
To rescue the two lost Coral students Garderobe, Aries, Windbloom, and Artai move into the area, Aswad a mysterious group has entered the area.

Episode 11: “Happy☆Birthday”
Nina and Arika were sent as a convoy for Mashiro to a meeting with royal guests from a bordering country. To prevent an international conflict when Mashiro escapes, Windbloom came up with a swift substitute.

Episode 12: “Masquerade”
Arika portrayed the missing Mashiro and meets the prince Takumi from bordering country, while Nina pretends to be Arika. Meanwhile, Mashiro took the name Nina and ended up in the slums of Windbloom, where she met a boy from a foreign land, who turns out to be the real prince Takumi, who is looking for his lost sister.

Episode 13: “In the Crimson Sky”
Arika eventually fell in love with Sergay, trap in dilemma between the fate of being an Otome and finding a love of her life. Meanwhile, the top Pearl student Akane Soir, is offered a chance to show loyalty to Florence’s Meister Otome, but this will take her away from her boyfriend Kazuya for eternity. At the last second, she decides to run off with Kazuya. In another place, two Meister Otomes from different countries are battling against each other.

Episode 14: “Otome’s SOS
Arika’s friends were put in danger because of her weird behavior. Meanwhile, Shizuru investigates the disastrous Otome war between the two countries of Romulus and Remus.

Episode 15: “Arika, Crying”
Arika was rescued by Sergay from a dire situation, giving her a chance to act on her affection. Arika, still doubting who she may be really is he pushes Sergay away thinking that maybe she’s the true princess of Windbloom. Arika had a conversation with Mashiro who is also in state of distress, they promised to each other to see whether Arika can become a Meister Otome first, or Mashiro can become a queen who will make everyone proud.

Episode 16: "It’s a Promise”
Arika, Nina and Erstin made an oath to become Meister Otomes together. However, Nagi de Artai and Schwarz begin an evil plot against Windbloom and Garderobe.

Episode 17: "The Blue Dance/When Dreams Fall”
Danger has arrived when hostile forces are invading the capital of Windbloom, all Otomes are summoned into battle. The Otomes are currently in a dire situation because the enemies found a way to shut down their Technology. Arika found out that Erstin is an agent of Schwartz, who intends to abduct Princess Mashiro, Arika and Erstin are forced to fight each other. Sergay as Arika’s benefactor was revealed while he was trying to protect Arika, and tells that the truth that may be the true princess, causing Nagi to discover that Sergay has kept information. Nina got so upset due to Sergay favoring Arika, Nina attacks Arika, quickly Erstin blocks the attack with her Slave, and before she died she told her friends that she wants to have more time with them. Nina and Arika clashes, causing wreckage to the lands.

Episode 18: "Whiteout”
Three days after the catastrophic raid against Windbloom, Mashiro is forced to join refugees fleeing from their beloved homeland. Nina now became as the Meister Otome of Nagi. Making an effort to know her exiled citizen better, Mashiro learns the distressing truth about her leadership qualities as the poor people of Windbloom shows, forced out by Nagi’s occupation, threatened Aoi for her loyalty to Mashiro. Aoi refuses to tell the angry mob where Mashiro is, falling off a cliff instead, and a grief-stricken Mashiro flees.

Episode 19: "Fateful 17-year-old”
Mashiro wakes up in the village of Aswad and is reunited with Arika As Mashiro woke up, He and Arika was reunited in the village of Aswad. Meanwhile elsewhere, Natsuki and Nao make their way toward the Republic of Aries to ask for assistance.

Episode 20: "Don’t Call me Ni-na”
Prevented from being with her old friends, Nina is drawn ever more closely to her foster-father Sergay. Natsuki made a request to Aries asking for aid but it was turned down, so she’s forced to seek help from Cardair, where the king has just sent his Otome to claim valuable information from the village of Aswad.

Episode 21: "When the White Princess Awakens”
Nagi learns that the true inheritor of the throne might be Nina. Mashiro feels empathy for her exiled people and asks Aswad to take them in. Sergay devised a plan to capture Mashiro with the help of the Valkyrie unit.

Episode 22: "Song of Destruction”
Aswad attacks Cardair in retribution for their betrayal. Back at the village, Sergay and the Valkyries arrive to take Mashiro and Arika by force. Meanwhile, Nagi has Nina activate the true power of the Harmonium.

Episode 23: "Arika of the Mysterious Valley”
Arika, Mashiro and Miyu arrived in the Black Valley, where they met the long lost Mai and Mikoto the Cat Goddess. Arika found out that she is the daughter of Lena Sayers, the Otome for the Kingdom of Windbloom, and that Nina is the true princess. Natsuki and Nao later join them.

Episode 24: "For your sake…”
Plans to Emancipate are ongoing; To destroy the source of the power of the Slaves and Valkyries in order to protect Nina, Sergay puts his life on the line. But Sergay was shot. Due to her anger and will to save Sergay a weapon capable of destroying entire cities the Harmonium was operated by Nina in order to keep him alive.

Episode 25: "Maiden of the Blue Sky”
Nina operates the Harmonium in order to save the fatally wounded Sergay. Meanwhile, the operation to emancipate Windbloom is put into full action, tides changing as the Otome attempting to gain their powers back. The system giving powers to the Valkyries, powered by Lena’s corpse, hinders the Otomes, but Arika destroys her mother’s body.
Episode 26: “Dream-Wing ~ Whereabouts of a Dream”
The Otomes fought against Nagi and the power of the Harmonium, As the battle continues Arika comes into a faceoff with Nina in a final battle, with Arika’s true power of the Blue Sky Sapphire unlocked. Arika tried to persuade Nina that it is not too late to repent for her sins, and Arika successfully defeated her even as the Harmonium takes possession of her, destroying the Ultimate Black Diamond. After the Fierce battle, Mashiro addresses her people, and Sergay awakens from his coma under Nina’s care.

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