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Mega Man: Upon A Star [OVA]

Plot Summary
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Mega Man: Upon a Star, known in Japan as Rockman: Hoshi ni Negai o (ロックマン 星に願いを, lit. “Rockman: Wish Upon a Star”), is a Japanese anime original video animation (OVA) series produced by Ashi Productions (who also later worked on the American Mega Man cartoon in 1994) and based on the popular Capcom video game franchise Mega Man. Created in 1993, the series was presented by the Japan Center for Intercultural Communications. The OVA is viewed as a series of educational shorts on the culture of Japan. The first episode was intended to be a special episode of the Mega Man cartoon in production at the time, and used the voice actors they had cast for the cartoon at that time, but the cartoon’s artstyle changed due to a big budget and the episode was shown as an after school special and in Japan on TV Tokyo. The rest was made in 1995 and didn’t get dubbed until 2002, and never was available to the public until 2005, when it finally saw a VHS and DVD release in North America by ADV Films. This OVA is the first appearance of Yuuta and Akane. Though most sources claim the release was in 1993, this is somewhat debatable as the first episode clearly shows the re-designed Famicom AV in which Yuuta was playing Rockman 5, and the Famicom AV was not released until December 1993, and it was intended to be a part of the 1994 Mega Man cartoon as was noted above (the characters call Rockman “Mega Man” in Japanese as well.)

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