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My Girlfriend is a T-Rex [Manga]

My Girlfriend is a T-Rex
Plot Summary
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Humans and dinosaurs peacefully co-exist in our modern age. One night, Yuuma Asahikawa meets the feral T-Rex, Churio. Follow the lives of (secret) ex-delinquent Yuuma and the very Cretaceous Churio as they spend their days together!

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so i have found a new manga and... waay back when i was a little kid in first grade when the first Jurassic Park movie came out, i loooooved (actually still do) dinosaurs aloot, and my favorite dino was the Tyrannosaurus Rex, and i was always the kid that was the meat eater dinosaur that went around eating everyone haha. good times!! and now!!! i have found this manga called My Girlfriend is a T-Rex!! only 2 volumes have bee released so far, but it is funny and cute as hell!! love it, and now both Belldandy and Nyaruko have Churio as a rival!! look it up and check it out!! its a good and funny read!!

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