Ani.ME is going back to the shop.

Dear fans, members, supporters and friends,

Thank you so much for being part of Ani.ME these past years.. We've enjoyed being a part of your life, and you being a part of ours. Sadly, as of March 2014, the current Ani.ME site is being closed. Hopefully we will find the resources to re-launch better than ever, but for now at least, we must take the site offline. Until we figure out what the long-term fate will be, we will still be active on our Facebook page and you can also sign up below to be emailed if/when we relaunch.

We grew up watching anime and so our team started Ani.ME as a way to do what we love. We started to grow and for a while things were great. However the past year has been a struggle to keep the site alive.. For over a year, Ani.ME hasn't been able to make enough money to cover our server costs or our staff writers. To keep the site up, the founding team has been putting in money from our day jobs to cover costs and pay everyone, however, we can't afford to do so anymore. The site is a custom built platform and over time, things started breaking and we didn't have the funds to fix it. Also, many of you may have heard of issues with our lead editor and some staff writers. This was due to not being able to properly cover costs for the last few months. We hoped we could find a solution but so far, all options have been taking longer than we could bear. It would be unfair to not pay our writers. By shutting down the site, we can at least cover paying our writers for the work they've done up to now.

If you have enjoyed Ani.ME up to now, please do let us know. You can email our Co-founder Chris at . If you want to help out, you can also make a donation using the Paypal button below. We will use any donations to cover staff costs and if we can, try to re-launch. To do so, we would need to be able to rebuild the site on a lower cost platform and find a way to make enough money to properly cover writers and hosting costs. Please know that we DO want to re-launch, and are working on ways to make it possible.

Thank you again for being a part of the Ani.ME site. Please continue on with us on Facebook until we can find a way to re-launch the site again!